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Preparing For Your Blessing

Simone Inspires

This topic has been weighing heavy on my heart lately.  As humans, we know change is inevitable.  Some of us may have accepted this truth and learnt to embrace it, others may fear it and then there are those who just refuse to even confront it.  Either way, it happens.

But more than change, there are blessings.  Blessings can sometimes come with change, or may be the change itself.  However, the thing with blessings is that it does not always come in our timing.  For many of us, this causes great disgruntlement especially during hard times.

We be all in our feelings like, “But why is this happening to me?  Why is this taking so long?! THIS TOO MUCH!” 200

Yes! trust me, I get it! But hear me out for a second, there are a couple things you may be overlooking here. We have to seriously reflect on a…

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Sketching Without Inspiration

Simone Inspires

As you may know by now, I have always had a love and still have a love for fashion.  It is a joy to start a piece with a couple of pencil strokes and by the end of it, look at an ensemble completed on a white background.  After which, you go in to make a few adjustments in shadows and lines here and there, to add a more professional and realistic touch.

However, although I love this thing, some days can be a real pain!  Sometimes there is just no inspiration but a matter of pushing myself to sketch regardless.  In some cases, this has worked – where there is no inspiration, yet the ability to create something weird but pleasing to the heart comes alive in that sketch pad with that one pencil, eraser and an artsy leftie.  LOL >.<

Most times when I feel like this but want…

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